Brand Story
Protecting natural beauty
DM.CELL combines continuous research and development with advanced science and technology. It focuses on protecting the beauty of human skin in a polluted environment.
DM.CELL's cell therapy techniques are realized through CELL LABS.

DM.Cell is
“Special Cell Cosmetics”

  • Using organic natural ingredients
  • Development of Patent Component through R&D
Brand philosophy
Let's send message of
skin happiness to everyone!

    We will not make a price bubble, but we will win with a product that shows remarkable efficacy.


    We eliminated harmful ingredients and filled it only with premium ingredients.


    All DM.Cell products do not test animals and passed skin safety testing.

  • 4. PATENT
    (Our Own Original Technology)

    By using a small amount of production and freshness principle we are maintaining efficacy and freshness of the product. And BNP (Bio Nano Peptide) was added to all raw materials to neutralize detoxification from harmful substances.

DM.Cell R&D
DM.Cell fulfills the value of beauty with
its unique technology
DM.Cell's R&D Center is committed to researching and developing authentic cosmetics in order to fulfill the beauty and value of our customers through research system suitable for global standard.

* High-tech manufacturing method and DM.Cell therapy with high-efficacy *

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DM.Cell History
  • 2018

    • Distribution contract of domestic VINE group
    • Selling in duty free shop in Vladivostok, Russia
    • Launched DM.CELL Flagship Shop "CELL LABS"
    • Participated in 2018 Southeast Asia K-franchise showcase
  • 2017

    • Production and sales of 45 products
    • Participated in Shanghai Beauty Fair
    • Participated in Malaysia Beauty Fair
    • Established DM.CELL Vietnam branch
    • Acquisition of 40 Vietnam sanitation permission
  • 2016

    • Production and sales of 40 kinds of products
    • Matrixl, Superior C management program
    • Made contracts for distribution of 30 domestic dermatology and plastic surgeons
    • Establish a strategy to diversify domestic sales and overseas business
    • Held Product Seminar in Bangkok, Thailand
  • 2015

    • Production and sales of 40 kinds of products
    • Participated in Korea COEX Beauty Fair booth
    • Participated in LA Beauty Fair
    • Securing US and Canadian distribution channels
  • 2014

    • Production and sales of 36 kinds of products
    • Anti-aging, peeling line are launched
    • Participated in Vietnam Beauty Fair 2014
    • Obtain product order and production for OEM/ODM
    • Global business concentration
  • 2013

    • Production and sales of 30 kinds of products
    • BNP Aqua 3Step Mask is launched
    • Participated in Hong Kong Beauty Fair 2013
    • Participated in 2013 Guangzhou Beauty Fair
    • Securing distribution channels in China
  • 2012

    • Production and sales of 22 kinds of products
    • Actifirm T.S. And Liposome patented product production
    • Moisture, Whitening, Aging, Protecting Line Launched
    • Expansion of distribution channels for hospitals, clinics and spa brands
  • 2010

    • Production and launching of Cosmeceutical brand DM.CELL
    • Stem cell, peptide cosmetic production
    • Production of Bio Nano Protein patented products
  • Rejuv T.X thiocitic Seru…

    Rejuv T.X thiocitic Seru…

  • O2 Bubble C.M Essence

    O2 Bubble C.M Essence

  • AHA Peel Lotion 15ml

    AHA Peel Lotion 15ml

  • Hyalulonic Skin Renewal …

    Hyalulonic Skin Renewal …

  • Derma Aid Post Balm

    Derma Aid Post Balm

  • Derma Brightening Comple…

    Derma Brightening Comple…

  • Seoul Head Office
  • Factory/Research Inst.


#1103, 174, Saimdang-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea,06627


16-9, Dongbaekjungang-ro 16beon-gil, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea,17015